MagnaMax H2O:

The Finish That Will Start a Revolution

Still wary of water-based wood finishes? The newest MagnaMax coating could change your view. That’s because the popular M.L. Campbell MagnaMax line now includes MagnaMax H2O Pre-Catalyzed Water-Borne Pre-Cat Polyurethane. MagnaMax H2O is everything you love about MagnaMax pre-catalyzed lacquer in a low-emission, VOC-compliant product.

Shop-friendly MagnaMax H2O brings you the trouble-free performance of MagnaMax in a nonflammable, Greenguard-certified formulation. Applied with any equipment, just like MagnaMax pre-catalyzed lacquer, MagnaMax H2O readily adheres to both closed- and open-grain substrates. Then it dries quickly, giving you the same sanding and recoat times as many solvent-based products.

With its water-based formulation, MagnaMax H2O will help you lower emissions, improve worker comfort and safety, and potentially reduce insurance rates.

Best of all is the premium MagnaMax H2O finish, which mimics solvent-borne coatings by providing a warm, natural amber appearance that enhances the wood’s natural grain.

Water-Based Performance You Can Trust

With excellent durability and chemical resistance characteristics, MagnaMax H2O can be used with confidence everywhere you’d use a solvent-borne formulation. The product is perfect for kitchen and bathroom cabinets; dormitory, household and office furniture; millwork; wood flooring; and display fixtures. If staining is desired, we suggest M.L. Campbell WoodSong II Series water-borne stains and toners. Surfaces can be sealed with Agualente Plus Sealer for the best film build.

Meets Rigorous Quality Tests

MagnaMax H2O is formulated to meet or exceed the required finish performance level established by AWI and KCMA. Tested under these methods, MagnaMax H2O provides excellent cross-hatch characteristics and is resistant to prints, hot and cold cycles, high heat, stacking and packing, and edge soak tests. MagnaMax H2O also meets the AWI finishing standard System 11 for chemical and moisture resistance. The coating withstands contact from numerous substances commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms, earning excellent ratings against a range of materials.

Beautiful and Durable, Just Like MagnaMax Pre-Catalyzed Lacquer

Formulating a water-based finish worthy of the MagnaMax name wasn’t easy. MagnaMax H2O had to apply effortlessly, finish beautifully, and perform durably. The result is everything you expect from the MagnaMax name. Resistant to moisture, chemicals, and scratches, MagnaMax H2O stands the test of time.

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